Афиша Самара Английский разговорный клуб

Английский разговорный клуб

date_range 23 октября 2019 г. (Среда)
access_time 19:00 (12 месяцев назад)

ICYE-Lastochki will have English speaking clubs twice a month on Wednesdays. The club is meant for both small and big English-speakers who want to practice their English in a relaxed atmosphere.

The teacher is Lastochki Erasmus+ volunteer, who is fluent in English, but is not a teacher, but more of a language-friend, who is in Russia trying to study Russian. The courses will be free for all participants, but a registration is needed (let us know here: lastochki.russia@gmail.com)

Dates of English speaking clubs for 2019 , all dates start at 19 o'clock:

23.10 - topic "Travelling and culture exchange"
06.11 - topic "Entertainment: books, cinema and music"
20.11 - topic "Nature and climate"
04.12 - topic "Friendships and family"
18.12 - topic "Christmas traditions around the world"

Подробнее: https://vk.com/event187658491