Афиша Новосибирск Dalton Lamar & Yulia Poloskaya (English Comedy)

Dalton Lamar & Yulia Poloskaya (English Comedy)

date_range 23 ноября 2019 г. (Суббота)
access_time 18:00 (3 месяца назад)

Впервые в Новосибирске! Выступление англоязычных стендап-комиков!

The Confused Collusion Tour
-A night of English (speaking) comedy

Collusion is a Confusing topic and there are no two people better suited to not talk about it than American comedian Danton Lamar and Russian comedienne Yulia Polonskaya. We will cover many topics, all designed to keep your mind off of the collusion that definitely never happened (and if it did why would two comedians know anything about it).

Join us for a night of Drinks, Laughs, and Dirt on the Bidens.

Warning: Not a Political Show

Подробнее: https://vk.com/event99863202